Spikers, Aerators & Corers

At Tudor you'll find a comprehensive range of robust, durable and purposefully designed spikers, aerators and corers for your turf care needs. The Weasel De-Compactor helps de-compact and breaking up soil into a fine tilth while the heavy-duty spiked roller helps aid water and air penetration, both working to stimulate root growth.

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  1. Weasel De-Compactor
    2 in stock
    £138.46 £115.38
  2. Sarel Spiking Roller
    Direct Delivery Item
    £714.00 £595.00
  3. Aeration Corer Collector
    Direct Delivery Item
    £207.70 £173.08
  4. Hedgehog Aerator
    3 in stock
    £146.15 £121.79
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