Sack Trucks & Pallet Trucks

We stock sack trucks and pallet trucks from well known brands like Sealey. Whether it's special stair climbing sack trucks, hand pallet trucks for significantly large weights of up to 2500 kg, folding sack trucks or sack trucks with cushion roller bearing wheels, we have something to suit your grounds maintenance, construction or horticultural project. 

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  1. Sealey Sack Truck, 200kg capacity with Pneumatic Tyres
    Direct Delivery Item
    £111.36 £92.80
  2. Sealey Folding Sack Truck, 150kg capacity with Pneumatic Tyres
    Direct Delivery Item
    £113.93 £94.94
  3. Sealey Sack Truck, 200kg capacity with PU Tyres
    Direct Delivery Item
    £114.28 £95.23
  4. Sack Truck, 200kg capacity with Solid Cushion Roller Bearing Wheels
    Direct Delivery Item
    £194.81 £162.34
  5. Stair Climbing Sack Truck
    Direct Delivery Item
    £320.22 £266.85
  6. Hand Pallet Truck, 2500kg (2.5T) Capacity
    1 in stock
    £400.62 £333.85
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