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The Nomix Total Droplet Control (TDC) systems deliver low-volume, highly targeted herbicide application, with pre-mixed herbicides that are safe and easy to use, delivering a wealth of benefits to users.

The uniquely integrated Total Droplet Control (TDC) systems are proven to offer more environmental advantages than traditional alternatives, like knapsacks, whilst being lightweight, versatile and requiring no water at the point of application.

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  1. Nomix Universal Cleaner, 750ml
    9 in stock
    £17.87 £14.89
  2. Nomix Frontline Compact TDC Applicator
    5 in stock
    £198.60 £165.50
  3. Nomix Dual Total Residual Weedkiller, 750ml
    25 in stock
    £41.52 £34.60
  4. Nomix Hilite Total Weedkiller, 750ml
    14 in stock
    £42.96 £35.80
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