Our trailers are perfect for supporting large capacities and heavy loads of goods, land or debris. Their rot-proof bodies and strong steel chassis mean they're robust and durable, designed to last a long time. These tipping trailers are easy to use, with wide pneumatic wheels making them easy to manoeuvre around grounds and warehouses. 

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  1. Large Capacity Tipping Trailer, HD Plastic Body
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  2. Husqvarna Trailer 275 (supplied unassembled)
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What is a tipping trailer?

A tipping trailer is a type of trailer designed to tilt or tip its load for easy unloading. Typically, tipping trailers have a tilting system that raises one end of the trailer and folding tailgate, causing the load to slide or fall off easily.

What can tipping trailers be used for?

Tipping trailers can be used for various purposes, including transporting bulk materials such as gravel, sand or soil. They are also handy for hauling debris, waste or other items that need to be dumped at a specific location. In general, tipping trailers are useful for transporting equipment that requires quick and efficient unloading.

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