Wetting Agents, Dilutors & Valve Boxes

We stock wetting agents which are useful chemical substances for irrigation projects as they help control both the spreading and penetrating properties of a liquid, Our wetting agents are ideal for use in irrigation tanks and are used to treat hydrophobic soils, hot spots and dry patched during professional irrigation. 

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  1. Access ADM Mobile Dilutor
    Out of stock
    £284.34 £236.95
  2. Wetting Agent Tank Tablets, 2.5kg
    Out of stock
    £68.35 £56.96
  3. Wetting Agent Tablets, 6 x 220g
    Out of stock
    £68.35 £56.96
  4. Circular Valve Box, 13inch bottom diameter
    9 in stock
    £11.44 £9.53
  5. Jumbo Rectangular Valve Box, 25 x 18inch bottom dimension
    9 in stock
    £63.61 £53.01
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