Henchman Hi-Step Platform Range

The safe alternative to ladders and step ladders leaving workers free to use both hands.

  • Safe, level, non-slip platform.
  • Great for use on soft, uneven or sloping ground.
  • Ideal for hedge trimming or building maintenance jobs.
  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction.
  • 4 adjustable (up to 600mm) legs to cope with steps & slopes.
  • Large non-sinking flat feet with minor no-wobble adjustment.
  • Quick and easy folded to store flat.
  • Tested to BS EN131-2 2010 + A2:2017.

Professional range:

Having 6" platform toe boards to 3 sides, intermediary and guard rail and rear restraint strap which are required by Health & Safety 'WAHR' for building maintenance work.

Non-professional range:

No toe-boards to platform, no intermediary guard rail and no rear resistant strap. Do not comply with 'WAHR' which are not mandatory for horticultural or home-owner uses. 

The optional extra 'Extender' can be used with all models and adds 0.9m to the respective total height.

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  1. Henchman Hi-step Junior
    Direct Delivery Item
    £499.00 £415.83
  2. Henchman Hi-step Major
    Direct Delivery Item
    £649.01 £540.84
  3. Henchman Hi-step Maxi
    Direct Delivery Item
    £698.99 £582.49
  4. Henchman Hi-step Midi
    Direct Delivery Item
    £549.05 £457.54
  5. Henchman Hi-step Senior
    Direct Delivery Item
    £598.99 £499.16
  6. Henchman Professional Hi-step Extender
    Direct Delivery Item
    £199.00 £165.83
  7. Henchman Professional Hi-step Junior
    Direct Delivery Item
    £598.99 £499.16
  8. Henchman Professional Hi-step Major
    Direct Delivery Item
    £749.00 £624.17
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