Fuel Funnels

Our fuel funnels are specially designed to filter out water, dirt and debris from most fuels including petrol, diesel, heating oil and much more. These plastic oil funnels are both robust and made to a high standard, making them a must for any project you're working on or any professional workshopping environment.

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  1. Plastic Tractor Funnel with Strainer
    55 in stock
    £8.34 £6.95
  2. 3 Piece Funnel Set
    38 in stock
    £14.34 £11.95
  3. Plastic Funnel, no Strainer, 8inch diameter
    24 in stock
    £7.14 £5.95
  4. Plastic Funnel with Strainer, 6inch diameter
    81 in stock
    £5.98 £4.98
  5. Plastic Funnel, no Strainer, 6inch diameter
    89 in stock
    £2.40 £2.00
  6. Plastic Funnel, no Strainer, 4inch diameter
    26 in stock
    £1.09 £0.91
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