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At Tudor, we stock a range of window cleaning products to effortlessly eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, and smudges. Engineered with innovative formulas to guarantee streak-free and spotless surfaces, leaving no residue behind. Our products are durable, reliable, and long-lasting, ensuring optimal performance with every use. With a user-friendly design, they offer effortless handling and efficient cleaning. 

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  1. 22 ltr Heavy Duty Window Cleaners Bucket
    4 in stock
    £34.86 £29.05
  2. Window Washer Scrim No. 1
    Out of stock
    £13.50 £11.25
  3. Wolf Multi-Change® Window Washer 35cm
    12 in stock
    £25.16 £20.97
  4. Wolf Multi-Change® Window Wiper & Handle 35cm
    23 in stock
    £25.16 £20.97
  5. Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 170-300cm
    22 in stock
    £46.45 £38.71
  6. Wolf Multi-Change® Telescopic Handle 220-400cm
    154 in stock
    £53.22 £44.35
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