Electric Pressure Washers

At Tudor, we have a wide range of lightweight, compact and sturdy electrical pressure washers which are idea for workshop use. We also stock a range of more industrial appropriate electric pressure washers that are more heavy-duty and robust for larger ranges, properties and vehicles and demanding cleaning tasks. 

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  1. Husqvarna PW 350 Pressure Washer
    1 in stock
    £319.20 £266.00
  2. EGO 'Power+' HPW2000E Battery Pressure Washer + Batteries + Charger
    1 in stock
    £1,148.95 £957.46
  3. V-TUF 240-240v Compact, Industrial Mobile Electric Pressure Washer
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,337.45 £1,114.54
  4. V-TUF Rapid SSC 240v All-Stainless Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer
    Direct Delivery Item
    £1,958.48 £1,632.07
  5. V-TUF Rapid VSC 240V Hot Water Stainless Industrial Mobile Pressure Washer
    Direct Delivery Item
    £3,070.76 £2,558.97
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