Stihl Multi System

The all-purpose STIHL MultiSystem soon will have your gardens shipshape again. Whether for tending the lawns, cultivating the soil or clearing large areas - with the STIHL MultiSystem, only one machine is needed for all the various jobs. You decide what you want and need. The STIHL MultiEngine at the heart of the system can be combined with all the tailor-made STIHL MultiTools - quickly and easily so that you are always ideally prepared for the job in hand.

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  1. STIHL MM 56 Multi Engine
    Out of stock
    £462.00 £385.00
  2. STIHL KW-MM Power Sweep MultiTool Head
    1 in stock
    £200.21 £166.84
  3. STIHL KB-MM Bristle Brush MultiTool Head
    3 in stock
    £150.16 £125.13
  4. STIHL MF-MM Dethatcher MultiTool Head
    Out of stock
    £146.29 £121.91
  5. STIHL BF-MM Pick Tine MultiTool Head
    1 in stock
    £65.45 £54.54
  6. STIHL BK-MM Bolo Tine MultiTool Head
    Out of stock
    £65.45 £54.54
  7. STIHL RL-MM Aerator MultiTool Head
    Out of stock
    £65.45 £54.54
  8. STIHL FC-MM Edge Trimmer MultiTool Head
    Out of stock
    £34.66 £28.88
    Out of stock
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