Maxicrop Plus Sequestered Iron - liquid feed, 10 ltr

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Use to prevent or alleviate iron deficiency and promote dark green foilage, turf, greens and more intense flower colouring particularly on acid loving plants.

  • Iron fertiliser solution in Maxicrop Seaweed
  • Extract Base. Contains 2% (W/W) Iron (Fe) soluble in water.
  • A unique combination of pure Seaweed Extract with readily available sequestered iron in a convenient, easy-to-use,liquid form. For professional use.
  • The plant growth stimulant properties of Maxicrop Seaweed Extract will enhance natural growth processes, leading to greater rooting and establishment, while producing strong, healthy growth, with improved resistance to environmental stress.
  • Used on turf, greens and other situations for rapid green-up. Rapid green-up, usually within 24 hours. Improved colour will last for 7-14 days. 10 L covers 0.8 hectare.
  • The readily available iron can be applied as a foliarspray or root drench to treat or help prevent iron deficiency in a wide range of ericaceous or lime-hating (calcifuge) plants as well as certain fruit and vegetable crops and turf.
  • 10 ltr bottle (covers 0.8 hectare)

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