Chainsaw Trousers & Braces

Heavy-duty braces for chainsaw trousers that will help to provide additional support when wearing heavier than normal trousers. Chainsaw trousers by default are heavier that normal trousers as they are designed to protect the leg from accidental chainsaw damage and the wear and tear of working with trees! We stock a wide range of protective chainsaw trousers on our online store and at our trade counter in Coventry.

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  1. Rocwood Type A Chain Saw Chaps
    18 in stock
    £85.00 £70.83
  2. STIHL Braces - snap on style
    14 in stock
    £18.19 £15.16
  3. STIHL Braces - button on style
    Out of stock
    £24.19 £20.16
  4. Arbortec Heavy Duty Braces
    38 in stock
    £24.84 £20.70
  5. Pfanner Gladiator Braces Size 1 (up to height of 180cm)
    5 in stock
    £18.60 £15.50
  6. Original Pfanner Belt (4cm wide, 120cm long)
    4 in stock
    £11.40 £9.50
  7. Pfanner Gladiator Braces Size 2 (from height of 180cm)
    Out of stock
    £18.60 £15.50
  8. Arbortec 'Breatheflex' Orange Chain Saw Trouser, Type C, X Small
    1 in stock
    £292.68 £243.90
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