Tricoflex Hose Pipe - ½inch bore, 100m roll

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Very hard wearing yellow coloured hose pipe, kink and crush resistant.

Tricoflex hoses are multilayered, high quality, and very efficient hoses. The yellow outer coat is made of very resistant PVC, which is ultra UV resistant. The PVC allows the hose to be strong yet flexible, making it perfect for work environments. It can withstand being bent, crushed, and stretched, while still maintaining an even flow of pressured water through the hose and for irrigation equipment.

Tricoflex hoses also have protection so that they retain their flexibility with age, and can go up to 60°C down to -15°C

  • Suitable for larger scale watering operations where high water pressure is available - e.g. larger golf courses.
  • 100m roll.
  • 12mm (½ inch) bore.
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