Werner 717 Series Fibreglass Platform Step Ladders, 8 treads

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The platform stepladder is constructed using extremely durable, non conductive, seven-layer fibreglass rails that are highly resistant to weathering. The ladder features a multi-functional HolsterTop™ to keep tools organised and limit trips up and down the ladder and is ideal for working around electricity. Other features include slip-resistant steps for comfortable standing and EDGE bracing to help prevent rail damage. Approved to the latest EN131 standard. For Professional Use.

  • Heavy duty steel platform for added strength – cycle tested to over 50,000 cycles using 150kgs.
  • Non-conductive fibreglass stiles, ideal for working around electricity.
  • High performance HolsterTop™, with specially designed paint, tool and equipment holders.
  • Heavy duty slip-resistant tread profile for added strength and security.
  • EDGE® moulded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracings strength and protects the base tread from damage.
  • Weather resistant fibreglass material - does not absorb moisture, corrode or rust.
  • 150kg load capacity. (Load includes user, tools, materials, etc.)
  • Approved to the latest EN131 Standard.
  • For Professional Use.
Code: Number of Treads: Closed Length: Platform Height: Overall Height: Safe Working         Height*: Weight:
ALGRP-02 2 1.18m 0.47m 1.08m 2.22m 6.4kg
ALGRP-03 3 1.43m 0.70m 1.31m 2.45m 6.7kg
ALGRP-04 4 1.68m 0.93m 1.54m 2.68m 9.1kg
ALGRP-05 5 1.93m 1.17m 1.78m 2.92m 10.4kg
ALGRP-06 6 2.18m 1.40m 2.01m 3.15m 11.7kg
ALGRP-08 8 2.68m 1.87m 2.48m 3.62m 15.2kg
ALGRP-10 10 3.18m 2.33m 2.94m 4.08m 18.1kg
ALGRP-12 12 3.68m 2.80m 3.41m 4.55m 21.2kg
*Based on 1.75m as the average reach height of a person.
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